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Cartes pour Luther Arkwright

The Design Mechanism à publié une série de 8 scénarios pour les règles de Mythras : Luther Arkwright : Parallel Lines.

J’ai contribué à la conception de 3 cartes pour ce supplément. Vous pouvez les télécharger ci-dessous en haute résolution et en couleur.


Salem to Hockomock

La Camargue

Luther Arkwright: Parallel Lines
A Mythras Supplement for Luther Arkwright

At last, our eagerly awaited campaign pack for Luther Arkwright…
Join Valhalla’s Mjollnir Section and take part in eight separate missions investigating planar anomalies and nefarious Disruptor schemes. How far has the Disruptor Knight known as Loki gone in his bid to bring about global war? What is the source of strange psychic emanations in the New England area? How can Kyland the Warlord be stopped before he destroys Aigues Mortes? What sinister forces are at work on the Trans-Siberian Express and the airship ‘Empress Katerina’?
All these and more form the missions of Parallel Lines, taking the team from the New England swamps to a dystopian London, via post apocalyptic landscapes, industrial hells, an undersea arcology and an Edinburgh on the verge of revolution. Each mission is self contained but can thread together to form a vast campaign with recurring characters and villains.
So join the war against the Disruptors; get your copy of Parallel Lines without delay!

172 pages, softcover, Print: $24.99 (with free PDF), PDF only $12.99. Order via the Design Mechanism Store (US, Canada and elsewhere) or Aeon Games Publishing (UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand)

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2 Réponses “Cartes pour Luther Arkwright”

  1. arasmo
    5 mai 2017 à 18 h 42 min

    Magnifique ! Ta renommée est désormais internationale !

    • Etherne
      5 mai 2017 à 19 h 17 min

      Ha Ha ! Mon plan de domination mondiale ne fait que commencer.

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